Equipped with LASER LINE system for accurate application of adhesive weights inside the rim.
Quick balancing process thanks to the automatic start when the cover is lowered
AluS, AluS1, AluS2, AluS4, Dinamic
With a simple push, the balancer automatically stops and locks in the external or  internal unbalanced position .
Inner gauge for quick automatic distance and diameter measurement
Includes a width gauge, weight hammer, 3.5oz test weight (100g), 4 wheel cones, and locking unit as standard accessories.
Width Arm Gauge comes as an optional feature with this balancer.
With mechanical keyboard, more reliable ,increase touch feeling and reduce maintenance cost.
Colorful,simple and attractive LCD display,make this operation more easy and high  efficient.(KV-866S)
866L big digital tube display,make this operation more easy and high  efficient.
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